Tuesday, 29 December 2009


Retired To Stud

The thing about photographs/Is you don't know how long they last
Captured are all the times/I won by a hairline
We were cheered by spectators then/Cologne bathed waiters when
We never fall/We glide over the grass

I don't know/They grew out hearts in a petri dish, no

Now I miss that winning tatse/The build up to a Derby's race
But running is a horny task/The mares are coming thick and fast-er
But I don't know
If they'll foal a winner though
But I'll race again I'm told
I'm retired to stud

I don't know/They grew out hearts in a petri dish, no

The boys are on the town


This house is used only at weekends
In a cold Sexless Seaside Town

They come for you
They let me be

We'll I told you FAIL
This Noah's no good FAIL
We'll I told you FAIL
We'll I told you

Stack buckets for when we throw up
The bunk beds creak when we climb down
The deadcoats rail the youth up for playtime
The old folks flock to bingo in crowds --- to spray

They come for you
They let me be

We'll I told you FAIL
This Noah's no good FAIL
We'll I told you FAIL
I knew you should

Wonderful Beasts

I think im a father
dirty little bomb all wound up like a little toy
a face full of odd numbers
filthy on the floor cord attached still hanging from its boy

Wonderful Beasts

I think I'm a father
Lying ever proud tough love mouthing 'bastard' with a cry
This stakes, have faith,
we're making mistakes trying hard to make something of his life.

Wonderful Beasts

My god, it's really happening

Wonderful Beasts

Dead Kid City

Assassination/I know why
Assassinate with the cut of your knife
Ambulance sews violent weeps
This town, American, falls into the streets

Yes they want you, yes they do
The dead kids want the truth

They said 'We're going now,'
We said, 'Wait not so fast.'

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

''This band needs “rock soldiers” not mercenaries.''

this band tried to steal our bassist....luckily we have managed to hold onto him after much negotiation. Personally I would join them ASAP, just for the DVD release....

''100% pro minded (hundreds of paid gigs since ‘04) Brixton based (London SW2) Hard Rocking covers band with a twist, needs a guitarist or a bassist able & willing to Rock Hard & properly get involved for the long run. Watch our 3 live videos in www.myspace.com/coverups before emailing us. Check the style and the approach & email us if you love the general idea. Those 3 live clips were shot under difficult circumstances and we didn’t have the option of keeping any other songs, so please do not jump to conclusions. Our line up changed, style & ability improved, we can and want to have variety, we don’t just play fast and short (as in the first 2 video clips) or slow and lengthy songs (last clip).
Many people dismiss covers bands; however, there is a big market for inventive cover bands. Plus, this band is already doing well & is VERY ambitious: We have a van, band equipment & have arranged the video shooting of a 2010 London gig for an official DVD release. We are backed by: booking agents, a dedicated production / management company, 2 replacement bassists that can also do sound engineering, a loyal fan base, venue managers that trust us and will rebook us once we inform them that we are ready to perform again.
This is a venture not a hobby band. Number of gigs and payment depend on your input. We can’t guarantee a steady flow of income or prestigious gigs. We take risks, so you will have to take risks too. This band needs “rock soldiers” not mercenaries. Let us know where we can check your work, tell us a bit about your current situation, what you can / can’t do for us and then we will answer all your questions.
INFO@YPERANO.COM Current line up: George, Matteo, Heray''

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Pissed Jeans

Pissed Jeans
Originally uploaded by Diana.Wong

So two of us recently went to New York to sample the lard burgers and butter shakes. We also went to see a few shows. Intent on seeing bands you rarely see in England we encountered a dilema as two of our favourite American bands were playing on exactely the same evening.... Pissed Jeans or Lightning Bolt?

We chose the former. And what a decison it was.

It was an underage show, for some sort of limp version of a hardcore night but it was worth the abstinance.

Here they are in full glory