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Here is an interview we did for a website a few months ago that for some reason never got put up. I found it in a folder at work the other day and decided I liked it, and no-one ever interviews us anyway. So here it is, enjoy.

What’s the best Minutemen album and why?

William: I know it’s pretty obvious but I do think that Double Nickels on the Dime is one of the best records of the last 30 years. People are still catching up with some of the ideas on that record. I like the fact that each member of the band literally had an equal input in terms of writing, and just the sheer audacity and balls to release an album of 43 songs which still only runs at just over an hour.

You've made a few charity related posts online, and even done a CDr for cystic
fibrosis. Can you maybe talk a little about the importance of charity/being active
and involved with issues through your art?

Andrew: Our interest in charity stuff comes from who we are as people and our personal experiences rather than any sort of band aesthetic. Music is the medium we work in, and if it occasionally gives us the opportunity to do a benefit show or release and that is something we’re really grateful for. We don’t make much money out of the band so it feels satisfying to channel some of the little that does come our way into causes we feel engaged with.

You made a video for Retired to stud which doesn't seem to have seen the light
of day. What was the premise? How come it's not online?

Andrew: We're saving it for our 30th Anniversary retrospective Bluray, set for release in 2041. No, the truth is we made a video and for various boring reasons we didn't like it. We'd like to make one in the future if we get the chance again.

For you guys, what's the most inspiring thing in London right now?

Andrew: There is always a bunch of stuff happening. A lot of small labels are putting out exciting music, like Sleep All Day records and Marshall Teller Records. Every band Rory Attwell records seems to be doing interesting stuff; I always listen out for what he is doing.

It's cool that you put your lyrics online. Do you feel like that's an aspect of music
that often loses attention in underground/local scenes?

Matt: Yeah definitely. Nowadays it seems like lyrics are hidden under layers of fuzz. I want to hear what a band is talking about and whether it’s important to me.

Are lyrics primary to an extent?

Matt: For me. I’m primarily a writer, so yeah. To me they are the most important thing if you want to relate your music/band with someone.

How come sexuality and fertility is such an important theme?

Matt: Ha, not sure really. I think they are the most important things in life and nobody really writes about them without being boring, vulgar or cliché. I’m just trying to write about something that people might find interesting to listen to and want to question.

Your catalogue is spread across vinyls. Do you prefer working in short bursts like

Andrew: There is still something really exciting about 7'' singles, it’s the perfect way for a band to present their first recordings. I'm a big fan of other bands first singles. We like working on Vinyl, it feels more substantial and there is greater scope for good artwork and packaging it in a cool way. Plus, I like how Vinyl sounds, for me it’s warmer and more condensed than other formats.

Can you maybe talk about how that constraint influences how you make music?

Andrew: I wouldn't say it influences it at all. When we started we wrote lots of fast short songs that worked on a 7'' format. But our mini album will be 12'' with a download code. There is a song on it that is nine minutes long. I think we'll carry on writing and recording material, and then thinking about how we can present it, and not the other way around.

What've you got planned for the future?

Matt: Our mini-album ‘Rugged Raw’ is coming out on Sleep All Day Records in August. It’s 12” vinyl with download code.

William: Hopefully playing a lot more shows up and down the country, and we've also got a song on a split 7" with Cheetahs, Colours and Dignan Porch which is being released on Marshal Teller Records this summer.

Any closing words?

Andrew : check yourself, don't dis-respect yourself

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